OBC The Specialist Medical Accountants from Eastbourne, East Sussex, enjoy working with doctors, and would love to have the chance to help you be happier in your work; we want to spread a little more happiness around in these gloomy times, and perhaps we might even be able to find ways to help you make more profit and pay less tax.


Quite simply because we so enjoy working with doctors and their teams who want to change, want to improve, and who welcome new ideas to consider - we love feeling that we make a real, lasting difference in their lives and the lives of those around them.

And because of that, we do things differently too —  there’s never any surprise fees and we get paid on results we deliver to you, not by charging by the hour. We agree Fixed Fees in advance with you to avoid embarrassing surprises. There is no ticking clock - other than the clock that might be ticking because you’re not yet working with us?

Would you like a specialist medical accountant who specialises in looking after doctors, who presents and explains about accounts and tax in understandable English, removing the jargon from our communications?

Would you like a chartered accountant who will offer you a solution to reduce your “back office” costs without losing the ability to have instant management information, wherever you are in the world?


We are also members of AISMA the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants. 


If you like what you are reading, don't waste any time - call Michael Ogilvie or Andy Hill now to hear about our total delight guarantees.

Call us now on   01323 720555      .


Buy1GIVE1 - Transaction Based GivingWould you like to make a difference to some people in the world who have little or nothing? Well you can! Its simple - become a client. We are part of a world wide movement called B1G1. For example, every time we have a doctors surgery appoint us as their accountant and trusted advisor, we will donate a goat each to 10 families in Kenya. Read more.

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